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Friday, November 5, 2010

A snaky experience

May-2008. We were on a trip to Wayanad, Kerala. We stayed in a stilt cottage at a resort.  The the drives around to various spots in the surroundings, as well as the resort itself were very nice.

The mains box was near the left side of the main door

Many magpie birds were seen in the surroundings

More magpie birds

On the first day, we noticed outside the main door to our cottage, inside the electricity mains box, there was a magpie bird’s nest with a few chicks in it. The mother bird seemed to have left to hunt for food.

The chicks in the nest inside the mains box

On the second day, we were surprised to notice that the nest inside the mains box was empty! Could the mother have taken her chicks away due to our intrusion?

On Day 3, early in the morning, our 10-year old son woke up, groggily opened the door and went to have a look at the nest in the mains box. We were inside the cottage taking some pictures through the balcony.

He saw this mains box partially open and a thick long black wire or something like a hose pipe hanging out of it towards the floor. He reached out to pull it when he saw it suddenly move vertically upward! It retracted back into the box, and he realized with shock that it was a snake!

He came running to us at the balcony. I went down to see the body of the snake moving inside the partially open mains box. I instantly closed our door first and called the staff at the front office for support.

One of the guys instantly arrived on the scene without knowing the exact location of the snake. He rang the door bell at our entrance not realizing that his hand was just a few inches close to the snake itself. Staying inside our main door and watching him through its large glass pane sections I signaled to him to look in the direction of the mains box. He searchingly looked at that side...searching more... and then..., he took a quick jerk back! I could see the sudden fright on that man's face. And I knew he has eyed the snake just beside his hand!

The group of 4-5 people who came there then jointly drew out the reptile and killed it. Here are a series of shaky images I took during the episode.

A truly frightening and completely unexpected experience!

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