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Saturday, March 19, 2011


A Tamilnadu & Pondicherry inter-state level "Student Poets' Meet" (maann kavignar maanaadu / மாண் கவிஞர் மாநாடு) was arranged as part of Bharathidasan's centenary celebrations, at the Yadhava College Madurai, by the Madurai Kamaraj University.

On arrival at the venue, the topic given to us was Kuppaithotti (குப்பைத்தொட்டி), which means Dust-bin.

We students were to write a poem on that topic within the given 2-3 hours. Later at the meet we read it on stage and hence debut (அரங்கேற்றம்) as a Student Poet (மாண் கவிஞர்) where veterans like Shri Mu Thamizh Kudimagan, who was the Assembly Speaker in Tamilnadu at that time, and our very own Shri Kavipperarasu Vairamuthu would be on stage!!

Here is the poem I wrote there and later read in front of those giants and packed audience. I remember there were tons of students who participated in this competition. Though I did not win any prize, the metaphor in my poem seem to have been heard distinctly. Because, when Shri Thamizh Kudimagan spoke later, he even picked my line and said he saw variety in student poets' thinking and was impressed. Completely unexpected that I heard him refer my metaphor during his speech, in front of that pretty packed hall - Yes, it was surely something!
                                                                                                ...8th March, 1991

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