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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Solomon Pappiah

It was a special occasion when Dr GC and my friend Ganesh(a!) had succeeded in inviting Shri Solomon Pappiah from American College, Madurai at that time to visit and preside over our Literary Association event. I even created this big banner invite seen below, got principal's approval and displayed it on the main notice board. I made it special to form His name with the first letters of each line. Later, on the day of event, he gave the packed hall a cracker of a speech that had all of us thinking, as well as laughing our stomachs out, for an hour. Ganesh had also pulled me into this role of delivering the prestigious vote of thanks for the event. An honor I must say, completely thanks only to Ganesh. The very short verse that I wrote and delivered in front of Him and the hall of audience was quite special, because, as I spoke, he spontaneously reacted with his trademark appreciation of 'ha' at certain moments. Can't forget forever.

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