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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Seville, Spain

Just came back from a week's business trip to Seville in Spain a week ago, and I thought of writing a (pseudo) review and posting some pictures.

The route to Seville from Bangalore is a bit convoluted. Bangalore-Dubai-Madrid-Seville is how I got there, and back via same route as well, by Emirates Airlines for the international sectors and by Iberia Airlines for the domestic sector.

Some basics first. Seville, pronounced normally as 'Sevil', is also called as Sevilla, and pronounced as 'Seviya' in Spanish, with the two Ls silent. 

I did not have time to go around Seville, but the 154 year old Hotel Inglaterra in Plaza Nuevo area where I stayed was right in the city center, only about 20 min. from Seville airport.

See summaries and photos below.
  • Surroundings around the hotel saw a lot of floating tourist population.
  • Streets around there had rows and rows of of buildings and constructions all with detailed architectural design. 
  • The Cathedral of Seville was within 5 min. of walking distance from the hotel. It is the third largest cathedral in the world and houses several lavish valuables and also a few tombs including that of Columbus.
  • The trams plying in the roads added attraction in the already impressive European architectural backdrop. Tussam, the transport company operates the tram in this sector from Plaza Neuva to San Bernardo, covering 5 tram stations en route.
  • Lines of Orange trees seen in the wayside along the roads, many of them ripe in full orange color, just marvelous.
  • Horse coaches (chariots) to take tourists on local rounds add a wow factor.
  • Free bicycles are available in stands at every street corner for the citizens to access using their ID cards by self service. They can take from any stand and drop off at any stand.
  • The small river, flowing in split-and-merge, forming an island in the middle of the city, is another beauty. I did not have a chance to go around the river though.
  • A variety of cuisine including the very own Spanish Tapas to share-and-eat are part of the mouthwatering food course here. Tostadas with fresh cheese and olive oil (olives are very famous in this Andalucia region of Spain) were also great. There were also KFCs and McDonalds and Star Bucks and Burger Kings in the vicinity.
  • The costs in Euro when compared in INR are always expensive.
  • The weather (in last week of July) was quite hot outside at about 37-38 degrees Celsius. In this time of the year, though day broke everyday around 6:45 AM, the sun was setting only around 9:30 PM, with daylight still sneaking out till about 10 PM.
  • Seville is inland, and the nearest beaches are at least 80-90 minutes drive away.
Here are some pictures.
Taking off from Dubai

Islets just off the coast of Dubai

Entering the coast of Spain


Hillocks in Spain

Madrid airport

Madrid airport

Iberia airlines from Madrid to Seville

Seville airport

Around Plaza Nueva area

Buildings around the hotel

Tram in front of the hotel

The building in front of the hotel

Cathedral of Seville

Cathedral of Seville

Cathedral of Seville

Orange trees along roadside (click to see larger image)

Coffee shops, Orange trees

Cathedral of Seville in the backdrop, tram, lamp posts, and orange trees

Cathedral in the backdrop

Tourists around the cathedral, orange trees

Around the cathedral, more orange trees

More trams

Cathedral in the backdrop

Around the cathedral

Road around the cathedral

Impressive constructions, orange trees

Appealing lamp posts (printed 1832), shaped trees

A street around the hotel

One of the houses around there

Another street around the hotel

Street fountains

Seville bicycles



Tostada with fresh cheese, olive oil and coffee

Back to Madrid airport

Back to Indian skies

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