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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Caught Grinning - 23

I took this picture at about 6 PM on 09/Apr/09, on the way from Kadur Railway station to Chikmagalur. We were driving for a picnic and we stopped at this cool-drink shop for a break. So hot and dry was that April evening, that this cow was in search of something to quench its thirst right at the doorstep of the shop we were standing. While the water tap seen nearby was leaking precious water, this cow stared only at me and these cool-drink trays that had only empty bottles, sadly disappointing! A frame that actually did not catch me grinning, but caught me moving!


This is a series posting such picture(s) I captured at many different places. You can click on the picture(s) to see a bigger version. Click here to view all 'Caught Grinning' postings under this series.

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