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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Around Bangalore: 3 - Talakad

Destination: Talakad - Also known as Talakadu

Direction: South-west of Bangalore, go along Kanakapura Road, past Kanakapura and Malavalli.

Type of place: River, Sand Dunes, Ancient / Historic Spiritual, and, Resort.

We visited last on: 28/Aug/04, Sat.

Suitable for: A day trip.

Best seasons to visit:
      * Summer may be too hot, and heavy rainy season may not be suitable to get into the river.

      * 130 KM from City Railway Station.
      * 123 KM from Central Silk Board, Hosur Road.
      * 45 KM from Mysore.

Route maps on Google
      * From City Railway Station, Click Here.
      * From Central Silk Board, Hosur Road, Click Here.

Timings: Open only during daylight timings.

Weekly off: None.

      * Kanakapura (70 KM before Talakad) en route has some restaurants.
      * Malavalli (28 KM before Talakad) en route has some small restaurants
      * It is advisable to carry food, snacks, juice and water along.
      * There were some small shops selling chips, biscuits, tetra-packed juice, etc.

      * The drive from Bangalore had scenic agri-farms and villages. Now the farms are almost gone.
      * It is a serene and shallow Cauvery river segment, a must visit place.
      * The sand dunes and there are several ancient temples, amazing to study and observe.
      * Drive up to the bridge across the river and the views spending time there is refreshing.
      * Jaladhama resort located in an island is also said to be nice by people who had been there.
      * A temple atop a small hillock when you come out of Talakad while returning is also good.

Travel Tips
      * It is a narrow road from Bangalore. Start say by 6 AM, and have a steady and peaceful drive.
      * We carried our food from home, ate en route under road-side tree shades, and also near the river.
      * There were small change-rooms, toilets, concrete eating decks, etc. available near the river.
      * Sand-dunes, ancient temples, river, bridge, hillock temple, etc. are spread around in a wide area.
      * Be ready to walk around quite a bit, on sands and slopes, up and down.
      * Carry drinking water, and umbrella if needed, all the time.



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Note: This is a series where I post details and tips about some day-trip locations around Bangalore. You would note that, the date of our visit to some of these places was quite some time back, so some of the detail need not be currently valid. However, I think the major part of the information will still be useful to readers. Do check around by phone or other means about these places to know the latest details and then make your plan. Enjoy your travel. Have fun.

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