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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Caught Grinning - 29

This was at the car parking lot at Pepper Green Village, Wayanad on 11/Nov/12. It was a very silent evening with all the resort trees still even under the mild breeze. There were no people or pets seen anywhere around. As I drove into a parking slot, I saw this lonely car there, a Toyota Innova, parked in the next slot. With slightly fading evening sunshine at 5 PM, this scene inside that car caught my attention. For a moment, I was puzzled and was even taken aback when I saw this car's driver in a kind of hit-and-fainted-on-steering-wheel state! I mean, his (driver's) seat was pushed back and tilted-open backwards that was visible, sun-lit, through the rear-window, and, he seemed to have kind of crouched on the steering wheel... I mean... kind of dead?? Dismayed... I looked around... saw no living beings anywhere in the surrounding... but I wanted to understand what was wrong... and I dared to take a couple of soft-steps closer... slowly. And... suddenly, I was aghast shocked... as I saw another live man rising... from the behind this very dead-body!! Whoosh!! I spine-chillingly and instantly realized that what I thought of as a dead-body was nothing but the driver's seat covered with his jacket and folded forward on to the steering wheel, and this driver was in fact resting in the rear-seat right behind that, and he rose up suddenly from there - completely unaware that he was giving me a rude raw shock!!


This is a series posting such picture(s) I captured at many different places. You can click on the picture(s) to see a bigger version. Click here to view all 'Caught Grinning' postings under this series.

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