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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Caught Special - 38

I participated in an International Photography Award contest conducted in Dubai recently. It is a very popular and highly competitive contest where several thousands participate from around the world.

The contest had the following four different categories against which 1 photo each was to be submitted.
             1) Creating the Future
             2) General
             3) Black and White
             4) Street Life

I had submitted my photo entries for each one of them. I was happy with the results. My photos cleared the 1st round of judgement successfully and they went on to the 2nd round of judgement as well. Sadly my photos could not reach the 3rd round, but for the simple small camera that I used, the progress my photos made in the contest was still (!) good.

Please take a close look at those four photos (click on them for full-size view) I have posted here now. I will be happy to know your critical comments about these four photos. Please post your comments here. 

What: Contest Category - Creating he Future
My comments: This young kid is using his futuristic engineering mind at such a young age to architect trucks and houses using his favorite Lego toy kit. You can see the bubbling brilliance flowing through the ideas the kid is implementing with so much involvement. This kid is creating a great future for himself and for others!
Where: San Diego, CA, USA 
When: September 2013
How: Sony Cybershot W320

What: Contest Category - General
My commentsLook at the joy of these kids playing in this tiny stream of river in the Wayanad forest area in Kerala, India. See the innocent faces of these kids playing with the thin wooden log working as a raft for them. No worries, they are happy!
Where: Wayanad, Kerala 
When: November 2012
How: Sony Cybershot W320
What: Contest Category - Black and White
My comments: The silent water that is standing still in this calm ancient water tank talks several words to those tall coconut trees gracefully guarding it all day and all night with a friendly affection.
Where: Banashankari Amma Temple, Badami, Karnataka.
When: November 2011
How: Sony Cybershot W320

What: Contest Category - Street Life
My comments: A candid view of a street passing through a village near the Karnataka-Kerala border leading to Nagarhole National Park. Look at the cows and men sitting around together on the road side. Then this old lady helping his old husband walk up to the bus stop. And then this bullock cart guy staring at the camera with a pride pose!
Where: Near Nagarhole National Park, Karnataka 
When: November 2012
How: Sony Cybershot W320

This is a series of Caught Special pictures that I captured at different places.
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