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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rasgulla Syrup for Ants!

Rasgulla Sugar Syrup kills Ants!

The red big ants have been a menace around the kitchen and bedrooms for a few months in our house and we had been trying Hit or Lakshman Rekha or some such thing with no good effect.

One fine day morning we had a sweet (!) surprise when we saw a few dead ants around the spilled sugar syrup dots near the Rasgulla tin!

When we observed this, my wife and son tried setting up the syrup in 2-3 small bowls at a few places in the night, and... boom... the next morning, we saw several tens of ants dead in those bowls.

I got more curious. To verify if the same happens with any other sweet and viscous liquid, the second night I tried setting up a bowl with fresh honey. But, there was no use... the ants got attracted only towards the Rasgulla sugar syrup, and they died in big groups in those bowls.

What a way to solve our menace. Now that the Rasgulla tin with us has a large quantity of this syrup, which is anyway bad for our health if we take it, so... we have a good sweet (!) solution (!!) for a few weeks now to go on every night!

Take a look at these pictures from night-1 and night-2 results!


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  1. Ants must learn that "Too much of any sweet thing is good for nothing"

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