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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Caught Grinning - 51

About five years go when I started this blog, I named it with an unusual reverse color adjective combination of title as "Blue Fields Green Skies", and I had formed the shortened nick name as "thebluffgrass" from that name. And, as I wrote explaining in my very first posting of this blog, here, my Title Thoughts of using reversed color adjectives was to indicate that my blog will be 'different' from the usual.

While passing by recently, it was very interesting to see an Apartment complex in Bangalore named with a very similar idea, as 'Green Skies Blue Forest', with reverse adjective combination! 

Though, I still feel my blog's name is sounding better! It is easier on our mouth when we say it: Compared to Green Skies Blue Forest, my blog's name Blue Fields Green Skies - feels more comfortable to pronounce! May be I am biased. Obviously. ☺

This is a series posting such pictures I captured at different places. Click on the picture(s) to see bigger version. Click here to view all 'Caught Grinning' postings under this series.

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