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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Caught Special - 72

7+ years ago, this had started with no intention, as a tiny plant in a small pot from our balcony garden... from the blueberry fruits we had bought from a nearby shop, after I ate, we had sown some seeds in a garden pot casually, and one germinated!  

After keeping it in our balcony for several months, we handed it over to the apartment gardener. It grew fast and safe into a big tree during these years in our apartment backyard right below our balcony, and we did not expect so soon, that this May it is bearing fruits, and a lot of them! We heard that someone in the neighborhood has even plucked over 5 kg of fruits from our tree already... while squirrels are also having a gala time eating those sweeter fruits every day!

What: Our Blueberry plant became a tree, is bearing fruits after 7+ years
Where: Home
When: 30th May 2017
How: Canon EOS 700D, 55-250mm lens

Years ago...


This is a series of Caught Special pictures that I captured at different places.
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  1. Nice to hear this Raj, kudos. (Aravindh K)


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