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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Caught Special - 80

A Parrot stopped by the silver oak avenue trees close to our balcony. It was 1:30 pm, and a rainy September afternoon in Bangalore, thanks to the monsoon showers.

The bird was sitting at a good view for me, but was facing the other way most of the times, and it was calmly looking around, and constantly pecking at its feathers. I could take some 100 odd clicks of it in 5-6 minutes! I used a long zoom lens and some of it came out decent. I have included a combo panaroma collage using cut clippings off some 18 select ones.

The highlight of those few minutes was that a male pair also arrived at the scene. And the two parrots talked something looking at each other and then the male flew away! 

Don't miss to see the pictorial story of the two birds meeting, at the bottom of this posting!  
What: A couple of parrots
Where: At home
When: 2nd September 2017
How: Canon EOS 700D, 55-250mm lens


1. The female parrot was sitting alone...

2. The male arrived at another tree nearby and he spotted our parrot...

3. He hopped on to the branch right above...

4. He jumped from the branch above to the one below... 

5. He landed next to the female parrot... 

6. They rested for a few seconds... 

7. And then they talked something between them... 

8. They talked for some more time... 

9. And then he turned around and got ready to fly off... 

10. And... off he flew! 

This is a series of Caught Special pictures that I captured at different places.
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