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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Caught Special - 30

You would have see my previous two postings of this 5 sub-part series here: first one on Peoplesecond one on Landscape. This posting here has my best picks for the third category: Wildlife

To view the photographs better, use the view mode: Click on a picture to View it in full size and then use left / right arrow keys to browse across pictures. Press ESC to come back to this blog page.

I assure you that these are my original pictures and no post processing of images has been done at all to any of them.

Here is my Voting Request again. Evaluate all the pictures of this set, and declare your 1st CHOICE WINNER among this set of WILDLIFE pictures, BY POSTING A COMMENT HERE. In your Comment, you can refer the Number of the picture that is mentioned above each picture.

You can see that the file names of the pictures have details about the Camera used, the Location of shot, and the Date when it was taken. To see the file name you can use one of two ways: (1) while in the blog page view, move the mouse pointer on the image, and the file name can be seen on the status bar at the bottom; (2) again, while in the blog page view, right click on the image and click on Save Image As, and you can see the file name in the Save window.

Thanks you!

























This is a series of Caught Special pictures that I captured at different places.
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  1. Picture No.309 seems to be the perfect pick. The cat is at total bliss with itself,having found the weirdest place to have its nap.



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