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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Around Bangalore: 7 - Kanva Dam, Janapada Loka

Destination: Kanva Dam, and Janapada Loka

      * South-west of Bangalore, on Mysore Road, turn right after Ramanagara and Janapada Loka.
      * Ramanagara to Janapada Loka 7 KM; Janapada Loka to Kanva Reservoir 11 KM.

Type of place: Kanva: Water body, small dam. Janapada Loka: 15 acre Rural Karnataka Folk World.

We visited last on: Kanva 24/Oct/04, Sun; Janapada Loka: 10/Jun/06, Sat. [You can do both together]

Suitable for: A day trip to cover both places.

Best seasons to visit:
      * Kanva Reservoir: Summer may be dry, and heavy rainy season may not be suitable.
      * Janapada Loka: Any time; after rainy season, the greenery will be more attractive.

      * 67 KM from City Railway Station via Mysore Road, Ramanagara and Janapada Loka, to Kanva.
      * 68 KM from Central Silk Board via ORR, Mysore Road, Ramanagara and Janapada Loka to Kanva.
      * 11 KM from Kanva to Janapada Loka in the return direction.
      * 7 KM from Janapada Loka to Ramanagara in the return direction.

Route maps on Google
      * From City Railway Station: Click Here.
      * From Central Silk Board, Hosur Road: Click Here.

Timings: Kanva: Open only during daylight timings. Janapada Loka: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Weekly off: Kanva: Typically none. Janapada Loka: Tuesdays and other Public Holidays.

      * Kamat Lokaruchi is located adjoining Janapada Loka (10 KM before Kanva).
      * It may be fun to carry food along, to sit and eat on the banks of Kanva reservoir.
      * There are a few other food joints as well on the Bangalore-Mysore highway along this stretch.
      * There is nothing available at the Kanva reservoir location. 

      * The drive from Bangalore is nice on the highway up to Janapada Loka / Kamat Lokaruchi.
      * The last 7-8 KM after you turn right after Janapada Loka to Kanva is a village road.
      * Kanva dam is generally not crowded, so you can enjoy a peaceful time here.
      * Janapada Loka is a wonderful space to explore the rural folk flavours of traditional Karnataka.
      * A pond, a well, flour mill, pottery, folk theater, and a lot of such stuff to stroll around and enjoy.

Travel Tips
      * Kanva dam might sometimes be deserted and hence watch-out and take care of your security.
      * Do not venture getting into the water body at Kanva; it is not allowed and is risky.
      * My suggestion is to go directly to Kanva first and then cover Janapada Loka in the return direction.
      * Carry drinking water, and umbrella also if needed. 

Photos - Kanva

Photos - Janapada Loka



You can click on the picture(s) to see a bigger version.  

Note: This is a series where I post details and tips about some day-trip locations around Bangalore. You would note that, the date of our visit to some of these places was quite some time back, so some of the detail need not be currently valid. However, I think the major part of the information will still be useful to readers. Do check around by phone or other means about these places to know the latest details and then make your plan. Enjoy your travel. Have fun.

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