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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Around Bangalore: 10 - Nandi Hills

Destination: Nandi Hills

Direction: North of Bangalore; on Devanahalli / Hyderabad Road, turn left about 9 KM after Airport cross.

Type of place: Hillock, Historical.

We visited last on: 23/Jul/06, Sun.

Suitable for: A day trip.

Best seasons to visit: Right after the rainy season, it will be nice to see the greenery around.

      * 62 KM from City Railway Station to destination.
      * 68 KM from Central Silk Board to destination.
      * Turn left about 9 KM after going past Devanahalli International Airport clover leaf.

Route maps on Google
      * From City Railway Station: Click Here.
      * From Central Silk Board, Hosur Road: Click Here.

Timings: Open only during daylight timings.

Weekly off: Typically none.

      * There are a couple of restaurants at Nandi Hills.
      * It will be fun to carry food along and eat under the tree shades or park atop the hills.
      * There are lots of monkeys, very bold, grabbing away things from our hands; so watch-out.

      * The drive from Bangalore is nice on the highway up to a few KM after Devanahalli.
      * 20 KM after left turn (9 KM after Devanahalli) is single track till Nandi Hills; calm; can see some farms.
      * At Nandi Hills, you can sit on the slopes at a few places (be careful though) and enjoy the cool breeze.
      * Tippu Sultan's drop, Tippu Sultan's summer palace, a few stepped tanks, old fort walls, etc.
      * Trees, gardens, flowers, walk-ways, resting benches, etc.

Travel Tips
      * Take care of protecting yourselves and your food / snacks from monkeys.
      * Make sure you do not take risks on the slopes. Keep yourselves within safe zones.
      * Take a tour of all the historic locations. You will have to walk around the various spots.
      * During summer, mid-day could be hot, so carry your caps, hats and umbrellas.
      * Carry your stock of juices and drinking water. Buying them there can be a bit expensive.



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Note: This is a series where I post details and tips about some day-trip locations around Bangalore. You would note that, the date of our visit to some of these places was quite some time back, so some of the detail need not be currently valid. However, I think the major part of the information will still be useful to readers. Do check around by phone or other means about these places to know the latest details and then make your plan. Enjoy your travel. Have fun.

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