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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Around Bangalore: 1 - Pearl Valley

This is a series where I will post details and tips about some day-trip locations around Bangalore. You would note that, the date of our visit to some of these places was quite some time back, so some of the detail need not be currently valid. However, I think the major part of the information will still be useful to readers. Do check around by phone or other means about these places to know the latest details and then make your plan. Enjoy your travel. Have fun.

Destination: Pearl Valley - Also known as Muthyala Maduvu

Direction: South of Bangalore, go along Hosur Road, turn right at Chandapura, and go past Anekal.

Type of place: Hillock, Valley, tiny Waterfall, Water stream.

We visited last on: 10/Aug/07, Fri.

Suitable for: Family outings, Small office team outings, Friends group treks.

Best seasons to visit:
      * August, September kind of months right after a long rainy season.
      * November, December kind of months when it is cool, and not sunny.

      * 42 KM from City Railway Station.
      * 32 KM from Central Silk Board Hosur Road.

Route maps on Google
      * From City Railway Station, Click Here.
      * From Central Silk Board Hosur Road, Click Here.

Timings: Open only during daylight timings.

Weekly off: None.

      * Only a KSTDC restaurant available at the cliff before you walk down the stairs into the valley.
      * There are no shop at the bottom of the valley.

      * It is a calm place away from traffic, after passing through some nice village roads and farm lands.
      * You suddenly reach the cliff on plain ground, and start climbing down the steps in to the valley.
      * At the bottom of the valley, and the hill-slopes on either sides are dense with vegetation.
      * The small waterfall and stream of water, sometimes tranquil, is at the bottom of the valley.
      * You can walk almost endlessly alongside the slopes of the hills across the length of the valley.

Travel Tips
      * Carry water, juice, some snacks and food if necessary from home.
      * Walks down the steep steps, along the winding footpaths up and down, climbing back up, could be tiring.
      * Watch-out for monkeys.
      * If you go there right after a heavy-rained day, there is more chance to see some water.
      * The waterfall appears more like used water from the KSTDC restaurant that is present up the cliff.
      * Be careful when you walk too far into the dense winding paths. There could be miscreant trouble.
      * Stay as a group, make sure you are not left alone anywhere. Return before daylight dips.




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